Ticket sales of HYDE WORLD TOUR 2019 ASIA - Shanghai will start on 2/21 (THU) 2:00pm (local time)!! 3/27 (WED) EH NECC HONG ARENA, Shanghai OPEN 5:30pm / START 7:30pm Ticket: For all real-name users http://item.juooo.com/95184 For AC Orange PLUS card members who want to buy VIP tickets http://item.juooo.com/95532 On Sale (Pre-order): 2/21 (THU) 2:00pm *Local time ※Please note that the application for the pre-order of ticket is only available for real-name users. Please confirm that you have already registered your real-name in advance. Please also refer to the details below. ※All real-name users can apply for pre-order tickets; A separate URL will be provided for AC Orange PLUS card members to purchase VIP tickets. ※Details of general sales will be announced soon. Notice for purchase through "AC Orange" : ● The charge unit must be a multiple of CNY 999, and each charge of CNY 999 can get extra CNY 100 as a bonus. ●There will be no refund after charge. The balance can be used for purchasing any ticket or product on AC Orange. ●For more details please visit “AC Orange PLUS Card” instruction page http://card.juooo.com/index/showCardInfo (Chinese only) 3/29 (FRI) HYDE WORLD TOUR 2019 ASIA - Beijing