【About the West Coast tour in US with Oyasumi Hologram / West Coastツアーについて】 The event of Nov.1st, "BAR-CON MATSURI" at Back Bar Lounge, has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances; It took so long time for immigration clearance. TORIENA and staffs have just passed it so now they will perform in events after tomorrow. We are very sorry for that and we will notice from this account about ticket refunds. 現地時間 11/1に開催予定のイベント「"BAR-CON MATSURI" @ Back Bar Lounge」ですが、入国審査に予想外に時間がかかったことにより止むを得ずキャンセルとさせていただきました。 先程TORIENA含め無事入国致しましたので、明日以降は予定通りイベントを開催します。 チケットの払い戻し方法につきましては追ってご連絡致します。楽しみにしていただいた皆様には誠に申し訳ございませんが、残りの日程もよろしくお願いいたします。
🇺🇸For fans of TORIENA in US; detail information of US tour with Oyaholo🍩 From November 1st to 4th, TORIENA will perform in San Jose and San Francisco, with Oyasumi Hologram (that is Japanese idol) and musicians of US !! Here is the information of the venue, how to get the ticket and who will be in the show. At Nov.4th, we will hold the VIP show and TORIENA will hold the workshop of LSDJ and teach you how to make music with Gameboy. Of course, we will bring her new album "SIXTHSENSE RIOT" and sell it at all venues so please check it and enjoy her emotional and high-energy sound in US!! --- November 1st: "BAR-CON MATSURI" @ Back Bar Lounge, San Jose, CA Address: 418 S Market St, San Jose, CA 95113, USA Time: 8PM Appearing: Oyasumi Hologram (Headlining), Toriena GENERAL ADMISSION TICKETS: VIP TICKETS (includes Admission): November 2nd: "BAR-CON MATSURI PRESENTS TOKYO RAVE" @ Back Bar Lounge, San Jose, CA Address: 418 S Market St, San Jose, CA 95113, USA Time: 6PM Appearing: Toriena (Headlining), Oyasumi Hologram, DJ Ken Blast, plus more! GENERAL ADMISSION: VIP TICKETS (includes Admission): November 3rd: @ Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA Address: 1233 17th St, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA Time: 1PM Appearing: PhEri (Cd Release event!), Toriena, Oyasumi Hologram, and Phoenix Ash (headlining/CD Release Event!) GENERAL ADMISSION: VIP TICKETS (No Admission included): November 4th: EXCLUSIVE VIP ONLY SHOW (30 Tickets Available!) Address: 3555 Edison Way, Fremont, CA 94538-6179 Time: 1PM Appearing: TORIENA (will be teaching how to make music with LSDJ on Gameboys. No Live performance), Oyasumi Hologram (will perform an acoustic solo show). Normal Cheki+Buppan will be available as well, and plenty of time to meet and greet! NOTE: This is at a musical practice studio, so please go to the address listed. The practice studio is UNIT 7. TICKETS:
【MV公開🥄New Music Video】 10/17発売のTORIENA「SIXTHSENSE RIOT」より、「Doping Life」のMVを公開いたしました。 ▼10/20(土)TORIENA「SIXTHSENSE RIOT」 Release Party チケット予約 ▼Amazon予約URL(限定特典ステッカー付き) ▼タワーレコード予約URL(※渋谷・新宿店での予約のみ、アナザージャケットの特典付き) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 監督:及川佑介 キャスト:TORIENA、菅原 辰馬(マッチョ29) レーザー:huez メイク:新里幸香 ロゴデザイン:サワイシンゴ プロダクション:渋都市株式会社 レーベル:MADMILKY RECORDS Video by Yusuke Oikawa Cast: TORIENA, Sugawara Tatsuma (Macho 29) Laser Lighting:huez Makeup: Sachika Shinzato Logo design: Shingo Sawai Production: Shibucity inc. Label: MADMILKY RECORDS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TORIENA official website TORIENA SIXTHSENSE RIOT Special Web Site
【リリースパーティー情報公開⚡️Detail information about release party of TORIENA's new album 】 10月20日(土)、TORIENA3年ぶりのフルアルバムとなる「SIXTHSENSE RIOT」のリリースを記念して、渋谷WOMB LIVEにてリリースパーティーを開催いたします。 9/18(火)正午から、チケット予約を開始いたします。 ゲストには、アルバムにもご参加いただいたYunomiさん、nagomu tamakiさん、チップチューンアーティストのKUNIOさん、2018年のエイプリルフール企画でもご一緒したヤなことそっとミュートさんをお招きいたします。是非足をお運びください! --- In Oct. 20th, 2018 , in commemoration of TORIENA's new album, we will hold the release-party at Shibuya WOMB. You can make reservation of the ticket in the page below (from 12pm, Sep 18th); In this event, cool guests will perform with TORIENA ; Yunomi and nagomu tamaki who make songs with her in the new album, KUNIO who is the Japanese chiptune artist and Yanakoto sotto mute who is the idle and TORIENA produced their songs in last April. ▼「SIXTHSENSE RIOT」Release Party詳細 2018年10月20日(土)at WOMB(渋谷) OPEN17:00 / START 17:30 前売:3000yen+1D 当日:3500yen+1D ご予約(e+): ※9/18(火)正午以降にページの閲覧・予約が可能になります。